20 febbraio ore 13.00 decimo appuntamento del ciclo di seminari del DSF: "Regulation of neuronal protein expression and function by astroglial calcineurin"

Mercoledì, Febbraio 20, 2019

Mercoledì 20 febbraio decimo appuntamento del Ciclo di Seminari del DSF 2018/19.  L'evento si svolgerà dalle 13:00 alle 13:40 in aula seminari al II piano di l.go Donegani 2 (ex Wild). 

Il talk dal titolo: "Regulation of neuronal protein expression and function by astroglial calcineurin" è tenuto da Laura Tapella (UNIUPO-DSF).


Astrocytes play fundamental homeostatic functions in the brain. Calcineurin (CaN) is a Ca2+-activated phosphatase that, in astrocytes, is known to trigger reactive gliosis and neuroinflammation. Surprisingly, nothing is known about a role of astroglial CaN in brain physiology. For that reason, we have generated a conditional CaN KO mouse model specific in astroglial cells, (ACN-KO). ACN-KO mice grew normal in terms of body and brain weight but starting from 2 month of age develop memory impairment and later on spontaneous tonic-clonic seizures. In this seminar, I will present data on: 1) the role of astroglial CaN in neuronal excitability through the modulation of Na+/K+ ATPase (NKA) activity; 2) preliminary results of proteomic analysis on ACN-KO mice. In summary, our data suggest that astroglial CaN controls phenotype and function of neurons in term of protein expression and excitability.

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